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April 29th, 2019

Paper on Frames in Nature Scientific Reports

A Scientific Report by Koster and Plasterk, published on April 29th 2019, describes frame shifts in tumor driver genes. The frame shift mutations were found in public databases of over 10,000 different tumors from different cancer patients. These patients have nothing in common, except that they all have one or another form of cancer; that is the reason that they often have frame shift mutations in a small set of so-called ‘tumor driver’ genes. As a result they have often neoantigens (new peptides encoded) that are shared with many other cancer patients. In some tumor types ‘Frames’ (defined as neoantigen peptides encoded as result of a frame shift mutation) are found within one or only a few genes. This opens the possibility to design and manufacture anti-cancer vaccines in advance, to be used off the shelf without time lost for patients whose tumor DNA has been sequenced. 


Earlier updates

March 21, 2019

Opening Matrix VII

On the 21st of March, Matrix VII has been officially opened -with great festivities- by Amsterdam alderman of Economic Affairs Udo Kock. The building, designed by Ector Hoogstad architects, offers laboratory facilities for high-tech companies. Matrix VII is situated in Amsterdam Science Park. Today Amsterdam Science Park is the center par excellence when science and technology are involved.

February 1, 2019

Start at Matrix VII building

On the 1st of February Frame was launched in the brand-new Matrix VII building with a bang! The building of Matrix VII is built to become the epicentre of science and biotech.


December 27, 2018

Frame Founded

On the 27th of December 2018, Frame was officially founded by Ronald Plasterk, Dinko Valerio and Bob Lowenberg. The beginning of a new endeavour!


First patents filed

Ronald Plasterk, Founder and CEO of Frame filed the first of a series of patents early 2018. This was the first step to the start of Frame.